Grzegorz Gogolewski (gmz) wrote,
Grzegorz Gogolewski

Apple has done it again!! It has introduced another revolutionary product that will be industry-leading the day it comes out. I am very happy with all the upgrades and improvements of the iPhone 5 over the 4S.

* The iPhone 5 includes a revolutionary A6 processor. Dual-core. Simply incredible. Now you’ll be able to open up and navigate to Settings to disable 4G/Data even faster than ever. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has dual-core, a direct blatant copy of Apple. Get a life, Samsung!

* iPhone 5 has free voice navigation. Android has had this for quite some time, a blatant copy of iPhone 5′s features. Android is such a bad copy of Apple.

* The iPhone 5 has 4G LTE connectivity. Simply ingenious!! All Android phones now have 4G LTE, a blatant copy of Apple. Android and Google need to stop copying Apple and develop their own ideas.

* The iPhone 5 has the revolutionary Panorama camera feature. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also does this, a blatant copy of Apple. This will make taking pictures a snap. The ability to save near-infinite photos on 16GB (no microsd slot) will be amazing. Thank you, Apple!

* The iPhone 5 comes with a revolutionary new connector – Lightning! It’s another sure-fire way for Apple and product-manufacturers to get more money from selling new products that support Lightning. Lightning is the name of the main character of Final Fantasy XIII, a blatant copy of iPhone 5′s connector. Square Enix, get a life! Apple should also sue God for patent-infringement – Apple created Lightning.

* The iPhone 5 has a revolutionary 4″ screen, but the phone is still the same width as the 4S. Simply breathtaking to look at. The LG G2X also has a 4″ screen, a blatant copy of Apple. Get a life, LG. Stop copying Apple!!

* The iPhone 5 has 640×1136 resolution, slightly less than Samsung’s Galaxy S3 1280×720, but Apple is still better because, let’s face it – they’re Apple.

These reasons and more, my friends, are the reasons why Apple is #1 and is the reason why the iPhone 5 will sell in record quantities. Long live Apple!! In the name of Steve Jobs, Amen!

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