Grzegorz Gogolewski (gmz) wrote,
Grzegorz Gogolewski

Издеваются :-)

Русские у французов закупили боевой корабль "Мистраль".

Yet while NATO defense analysts hope the sale doesn't set a
precedent, they also argue that the military attributes of the Mistral
are not significant. Much of the Mistral was built in the Saint-Nazaire
yard, where luxury cruise liners and ocean vessels like the Queen
Elizabeth 2 are put to sea. Moreover, while the Mistral, named for a
sharp and chilly Mediterranean wind, has conjured images of a bristling
attack boat – it has little armor and does not include the
state-of-the-art defense or fire-fighting equipment typical on a
A NATO weapons specialist calls it “basically a big
boat that goes from one place to the other … it is like a cruise ship
painted gray

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