Grzegorz Gogolewski (gmz) wrote,
Grzegorz Gogolewski

Крокодилы таки летают :-)

и может быть не очень уж и "нызэнько".
Over the same period, airplanes officially collided with bats on 253
occasions. Furthermore, they had 760 official collisions with deer, 252
with coyotes, 182 with rabbits, 120 with rodents including porcupines,
74 with turtles, 59 with opossums, 16 with armadillos, 14 with
alligators, 7 with iguanas, 4 with moose, 2 with caribou, and one each
with a wild pig and a donkey. There was also an official collision with
a fish, though the fish was in the grasp of an osprey at the time.

:-) А из последнего предложения получается, что в тайных лабораториях Пентагона уже сделали подводный самолёт, для истребления подводных лодок противника.

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