Grzegorz Gogolewski (gmz) wrote,
Grzegorz Gogolewski

Новое слово узнал - gust

По мылу прислали напоминание о шторме, что, дескать, порывы ветра (gusts) ожидаются свыше 50 миль/час.
As you may know, a big storm is expected to hit the Bay Area starting tonight.
The high winds associated with this storm are expected to include gusts over 50 mph, which may cause power outages or other damage at the properties. ...
As always during any emergency situation, please do not use the elevators during the evacuation and please follow the instructions of your property management team.
For our customers located at properties with Eucalyptus or other large trees, please do not park directly under these trees due to possible branch breakage that may be caused by the high winds.

В общем - спасайся, кто может, по лестницам, и не стой под стрелой эвкалиптом.

Вот и крышу новую нашу проверим в условиях приближенных к катастрофическим.

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