September 3rd, 2021

трава, ноги

Мы жили по соседству

Читаю nextdoor, южный Орегон (а не фашистcкий Портленд):

My Father Died in an Environment Created By Unvaccinated Patients

At the risk of appearing that I’m repeating TJ’s Post, I implore the unvaccinated neighbors who don’t have a qualifying medical condition to get vaccinated immediately. …

Ей предсказуемо накидали в панамку, кисо обидилось:

Please Help Me Learn How to Delete My Nextdoor Account

Earlier I sent out a post with concern about how my father died in an out-of-state hospital. Unfortunately, comments from trolls caused it to be removed. Why isn’t Nextdoor blocking the trolls instead of removing my post? Anyway, Nextdoor was the last refuge for the sane neighbors in our area …