January 26th, 2013

трава, ноги

They gave the world the Digital Age :-)

(via stas)


…Our state is a lot like the nation of Italy. It has a beautiful natural landscape and weather that most people would envy. It is geographically diverse — we enjoy great sunshine and great skiing in relatively close proximity. The people are culturally pleasant, love life, and you can strike up conversation with gentle strangers. We are intellectual and passionate about both arts and science. They gave us the Renaissance, and we gave the world the Digital Age. But for all the natural and cultural brilliance, we are held down by an incompetent and pathetic government.
And if the city of San Francisco is at the heart of our political incompetence, then the Muni system is like the left and right ventricle….

А правительство им республиканцы подсунули, не иначе. С Бушем во главе.

это неожиданно, потому что мэр СФ – не политик, а бюрократ, и, вроде, должен быть искренне заинтересован в улучшении города

Когда я подобное читаю, я лишаюсь дара речи. Почти. За исключением экспрессивного подмножества.

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